October 10, 2017

Job Placement

We Provide Lifetime Job Placement Assistance, So You Can Find The Perfect Bartending Jobs!

Bartending Jobs PlacementFinding bartending jobs is easy after completing the course at the Minnesota School of Bartending. Once you’re all done, we’ll help you out with bartending job placement in the Minneapolis St. Paul metro area and beyond. Have some tricky schedules that you’re trying to work around? No problem. We’ll help you find a gig that perfectly fits into your busy day or night. Every single graduate of our program receives statewide lifetime job placement assistance. Why? Because we want you to find the best opportunity where you’ll be able to show off your new skills as a bartender.

Our graduates are chosen by the finest hotels, sports clubs, nightclubs, restaurants, and country clubs. Whether you’re looking to work full-time, part-time, or just private events on the weekends, our bartender job placement program will help you find the bartending jobs that are right for you.

After Job Placement, What Do Professional Bartending Jobs Expect From You?

After we have assisted you with job placement, and you’ve landed one of the many awesome bartending jobs, there are several things that are going to be expected from you. First and foremost, you’re going need to know how to properly pour. In addition to masterfully wielding the bottle, you’ll need to know how to measure out your shots to near perfection.

That’s just for the process of making the drinks, so what about the drinks themselves? Nothing takes down your credibility as a bartender faster than not knowing how to make a drink that a customer requests. Any and all bartending jobs will expect you to know at least the basic mixed drinks, but it never hurts to get into the more complex ones. At the MN School of Bartending, we’ll teach you all there is to know about the most popular cocktails.

Why Do We Help You Find Bartending Jobs?

  • We care about your success
  • Finding a bartending job on your own can be difficult
  • We want you to be happy with your job
  • Bartending jobs are fun, and we want you to enjoy it!

You’ll Be Ready To Find Bartending Jobs After Finishing Our Course!

If you’ve never bartended before, then how can you gain the necessary skills to get a bartending job? To recap what we’ve stated before, by attending the Minnesota School of Bartending, you’ll learn how to perfectly pour a bottle, expertly measure your shots, learn how to make over 100 unique drinks, brush up on your knowledge of name-brand liquors, and master your efficiency and speed behind the bar. Our hands-on program allows you to come in whenever it’s most convenient for you, so you can complete the course at your own pace. Once you’re all done, our job placement service will help you find the available bartending jobs in your area. Check out our course curriculum information if you have more questions about what you’ll learn.

There is no charge for our job placement services!