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One-on-One Training.
No Groups or Classes.

Our Grads Earn $25-$40/hr.

Yes, we're open for enrollment via phone or in person by appointment!

We are excited to be re-opening our school on April 11th! Our facilities always practice safe social distancing. Our entire program is 1-on-1 so you never are in a group, class or crowd!

Do you have a recession-proof job?  Bars and restaurants will be open soon and we expect a big increase in job opportunities for our graduates!

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100% One-On-One

Bartender Training

Start the course any day, any time.

No groups or classes.

Come and go when you want.

Training takes only 25-35 hours.


Bartending Job


Do You Have A Recession-Proof Job?

We have an excellent job placement service that places our graduates in the finest hotels, country clubs, sports bars, nightclubs, and restaurants in Minnesota.

Bartending jobs give you the flexibility to work part-time, full-time, or even just private events on the weekends! Bartending jobs in the service industry are also recession-proof, making your job secure.

We Could Have You Bartending in One Week!

Did You Know?

Bartending jobs are recession-proof

Family-owned for over 50 years

We offer the only legal bartending certification in Minnesota

You can legally bartend at age 18

Our Grads Earn

$25-$40 Per Hour

Having Fun!


"Minnesota School of Bartending goes above and beyond to deliver their services!"


Located on the Green Line Light-Rail

3 Minutes From Downtown Minneapolis

5 Minutes From Downtown St. Paul

1 Mile East of the University of Minnesota

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