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Need a wedding bartender, party bartender, or event bartender? Contact us today to hire a bartender for your next event!

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Hire a bartender for your wedding, corporate party, or special event. Rates for our bartending services start as low as $15/hr.

Contact us to hire a professional bartender for your bar/establishment.

Hire a Wedding Bartender, Private Party Bartender, or Event Bartender!

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Why Hire a Bartender From the Minnesota School of Bartending?

All of our bartenders are certified
You'll get an expert bartender from the only licensed bartending school in Minnesota
Our bartenders know how to make over 100 unique cocktails
Our professional instructors teach every bartender one-on-one
We've been providing bartending services in Minnesota for 50 years
Finally, our bartenders love what they do!

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Excited to hire a wedding bartender, private event bartender, or a professional for your bar? Well, we’re definitely excited to help out. Contact Us at the Minnesota School of Bartending to ask about placing seasoned bartenders at your establishment. We look forward to your inquiry.

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