October 4, 2017

Hire a Bartender

Hire A BartenderHire A Bartender For Your Next Event Or Party For As Low As $15/hr

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Are you looking to hire a bartender for a wedding, private party, or special event? Hiring a bartender from the Minnesota School of Bartending is quick, easy, and stress-free. The Minnesota School of Bartending has been delivering quality bartending services throughout the upper Midwest for nearly 50 years. We’re ready to help make your next party a blast.

When you hire a bartender from the MN School of Bartending, you’re getting a professional who knows how to create over 100 of the most popular drinks. Crafting the perfect cocktail is an art that our instructors, graduates, and students have mastered. Everyone who goes through our course receives 100% hands-on, individual training behind the bar. Students learn how to fill multiple drink orders, and by the end, they’re incredibly knowledgeable on the most popular brands of Liquor, Wines, and Beer. In addition, they receive extensive training on speed and efficiency, customer service, and the newest touch screen cash registers.

Is It Worth It To Hire A Bartender?

Yes! But, why should you use the Minnesota School of Bartending to hire a bartender for a wedding or party? Because we are the #1 placement service for bartenders in the upper Midwest. Also, we’ve been placing our graduates and instructors in the finest establishments in Minnesota. Hire a bartender from us, and you’re sure to get a professional individual who can make expert-level drinks while having a good time.

All of our students receive extensive training and certification in Alcohol Awareness Training, and as a result, you will save on Liquor Liability Insurance.

Why Hire A Bartender From The Minnesota School of Bartending?

  • All of our bartenders are certified
  • You’ll get an expert bartender from the only licensed bartending school in Minnesota
  • Our bartenders know how to make over 100 unique cocktails
  • Our professional instructors train every bartender one-on-one
  • We’ve been providing bartending services for nearly 50 years
  • Finally, our bartenders love what they do!

Contact Us To Hire A Bartender For A Wedding Or Private Party!

Excited to hire a wedding bartender or private event bartender? Well, we’re definitely excited to help out. Contact Us at the Minnesota School of Bartending to ask about placing seasoned bartenders at your establishment. We look forward to your inquiry.